Thanks Honey


It's been over eight years since Nourishing Notes started. A small batch of four cards, all with food puns, created purely out of my love for food and really, REALLY awful / awesome word play. I barely knew how to print and I certainly didn't think there was an audience for my sense of humor. But I knew I loved the work and my family and friends laughed (with me, not at me… I think) and wanted to know where they could buy them. Having the continued support of those closest to me has meant the world. It's kept me going on days when I thought "Who's going to think 'Cheese Louise' is funny? Probably nobody." But you did. And for that and for all of those similar moments to come in the future, I thank you.

On to the food!

Honey hasn't always been a go-to food for me. It wasn't until I met my husband + business partner (+ cheerleader, editor, photographer…) that my eyes were opened to a whole world of golden deliciousness. He's half greek. Honey is in his veins (along with olive oil). He told me about the thyme honey from Greece and how it's used in so many traditional greek foods, the simplest and most delicious of which is a simple bowl of fresh greek yogurt drizzled with honey - nuts optional. This was before Greek yogurt became so popular in the states.

Eventually we started to find Greek style yogurt (close enough) and topped it with the famous thyme honey that Andy's mom had brought back from her recent trip to Greece (to visit the family and bring back honey, thyme, cheese and olive oil). It was so delicious! I'm an addict now, to the honey and the yogurt. Since then whenever we travel a jar of local honey is always on our list to pick up. We've had Florida Tupelo, Sardinian Eucalyptus, Syrian Pine (that was from a dear friend), Michigan Star Thistle, Cretan Herb, Italian Chestnut...I like to think it encapsulates the best an area has to offer : the bees, the plants, the land, the sunshine, the farmers and the beekeepers. Every time I open a jar from our collection I'm taken back to where we were when we bought it.

Our "Thanks Honey" greeting card is available for purchase  here

Our "Thanks Honey" greeting card is available for purchase here

Thanks to you! Thanks to the bees! Thanks for reading! Thanks Honey indeed!

Julie Morelli